Summer of Action: Tia

Lights, camera…ACTION!

Summer is in full effect and the Crown of Glory e-board decided to make this summer a Summer of Action! Each Queen on the e-board set hair, health, and inner (spiritual/mental) and outer (physical) goals. We have committed not just to aspiring to goals and dreams, but ACTING on them. Every few weeks one of the Queens will post a blog update on how their goals are coming alone. Join us as we begin our summer of action!


HEALTH: Take vitamin supplements daily. Complete 1 hr of intentional exercise per week. Add fruits/vegetables to at least one meal daily. Use heat once per week on my hair.

HAIR: Find a beauty blogger for relaxed/transitioning hair & incorporate new tips into hair regime. Avoid getting new relaxer for duration of summer. Obtain at least 2.5 inches of hair growth.
BEAUTY: Try wearing some form of make up once every two weeks. Finish Old Testament (finish a book per week). Read daily streams devotional every morning and journal daily thoughts at night. Finish books in summer list: “If God is Good” by Randy Alcorn, “The Best Sex of My Life Confessions: A Guide to Purity, Worth the Wait Revolution” by Dr. Lindsay Warren, “Overcoming” by Jennifer Tyler, and “Hope” by Kim Cash. Continue to go to church weekly, go to bible study, go to worship events, listen to podcasts.


As with every new thing that we incorporate into our regular routines, I have experienced quite the adjustment period with my summer goals. I will be honest and admit that I haven’t taken my daily vitamin supplements every day, or even stuck to all of my hair goals. However, I take every morning as a new opportunity to tend to all three areas, and I am confident that by the end of the summer I will see growth in my health, hair, and beauty states. One specific area that I have been especially attentive to and similarly experiencing growth is with my inner beauty/spiritual goals.946487_10151412974681507_342070585_n

Hanging out at the GW Employee Cookout

I’m working on campus for the summer, where I can access my church home, Spirit of Faith Christian Center in Temple Hills, Maryland. I go there twice weekly, once for bible study on Wednesdays and of course for Sunday service. Sometimes I also go for the special events they hold. In addition to actual church, I listen-in to a weekly bible study on a conference call every Tuesday night on behalf of a DC college outreach group called Bethel Campus Fellowship. I also aim to read my bible daily, and I am working through my summer reading list. That may seem like a lot of Jesus for one week, but it seems like the more I seek knowledge of Him, the hungrier I become for more! There is just so much that I don’t know, and so many different ways for me to grow in God. I really want to take advantage of it as much as possible this summer, because I may not have this opportunity to access DC over the summer, again.


Returning from an event at my church; my first lady’s birthday party 😉

One of the recent growths that I have experienced in my spiritual journey is recognizing the distractions that will try to divert our focus off of God. Sometimes it’s not as easy to spot as we may think. It may come in the form of taking offense to what people do to us/holding negative experiences in our hearts and thus blocking the channel of blessings for our future. It may come in the form of not properly guarding our hearts from the people/places/things that will tempt us to sin. Or, as I have recently learned, it may come through the inability for us to take control over our own emotions. We all have self-control, and thus we can control our emotions instead of letting our emotions control us! Even with the emotions that are inherently good (such as attraction), when we don’t monitor our thoughts to stay focused on God, we can quickly slip into a place of weakness and become susceptible to attacks by the enemy.

I recently went through an experience where I was letting my emotions get the best of me, and it was affecting my behavior and diverting my attention from God. When I made the decision to accept God into my life and was saved in January of this year, I made a covenant (promise) with God that I would give my full and undivided attention to only Him throughout my experience here at GW. Therefore, you can see how getting distracted by my emotions easily became a problem for the both of us! I was able to recognize it just in the nick of time thanks be to my Guide, Holy Spirit, and now I am able to better monitor those emotions and thoughts when they try to creep up on me. Even better yet, going through this experience allows me to share this story with you today, in hopes that you will keep a watchful eye over your own life and personal relationship with God. So until next time, stay focused ladies (and gentlemen too) ! You are more than conquerors 🙂


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