Summer of Action: Kristen Kurpiel

Lights, camera…ACTION!

Summer is in full effect and the Crown of Glory e-board decided to make this summer a Summer of Action! Each Queen on the e-board set hair, health, and inner (spiritual/mental) and outer (physical) goals. We have committed not just to aspiring to goals and dreams, but ACTING on them. Every few weeks one of the Queens will post a blog update on how their goals are coming alone. Join us as we begin our summer of action!


Hi ladies! I hope you are all having the best summer. I hope it is healthy and productive as well. My health, hair and beauty goals started out fairly simple, but I have changed them as the summer progressed to meet my needs and lifestyle better.

Hair goal: Wear my hair pinned up once in a while, do not shampoo more than once a day!

Health goal: Wear enough sunscreen to prevent burning and skin damage at the beach. Go to the gym once a week or so. Gain 10 pounds by eating healthy, balanced meals 

Beauty goal: Try new makeup colors, experiment with facial masks/ moisturizers

I’ve spent my summer at home in Lynn, Massachusetts, a city just north of Boston along the coast. I have been working as an intern and mentor for an inner-city after-school anti-violence program called Teen Scene. Teen Scene is located out of the Family and Children’s Service of Greater Lynn. I book field trips, conduct surveys, and basically work with kids outside all day. I have been very busy, so it has been difficult to focus on my own personal goals. One goal that has been difficult, but that I have succeeded with, is eating healthy, balanced meals. I have started cooking more often. Recently I made a delicious meal of spicy pork loin with grilled asparagus and baked potato. I was very happy with myself for cooking all of it without something burning. Balanced meals like this are helping me gain back the weight I lost at GW, when I almost never ate balanced, healthy meals regularly. I have gained back a few pounds, but am still in the process.

My gym goals have not exactly worked out because of my busy schedule at work. However, I did attend 5 spin classes in June, a feat I am fairly proud of. I like spin, which is like riding a bike indoors. The instructor always tells charming stories, keeps the energy level up, and blasts popular music. Working out in a group setting is much more fun and motivating for me.


Me at the beach with my friend – with sunscreen on of course!

My skin is extremely pale, save the few freckles I have on my face and shoulders. Any exposure to the sun at the beach usually ends in me suffering with red, painful sunburns. For those of you who don’t burn in the sun, trust me when I say it hurts for weeks. I always find it incredibly difficult to sleep with a sunburn because my skin feels so hot. Sunburns are very bad for your skin, they dry it out and leave permanent cell damage that can lead to severe skin cancer later in life. My mother once had to get a patch of skin cancer cells removed from her face before they spread and caused damage. I realized that this year I need to take better care of my skin to prevent damage. I have made it a point to cover myself in sunscreen whenever I will be out in the sun. This has reduced my sunburns and will benefit me later in life, as sun protection preserves skin and keeps it healthy.

My hair has been very frizzy and wavy this summer because I grew it out and the humidity has been intense. I have experimented with some pinned-up looks, and so far I have enjoyed having my hair out of the way in this heat. I still could use some advice on how to do my hair when it is humid out. In the summer, when I go to the beach and spend time outside in the heat, I shower twice a day often. I am careful not to shampoo twice a day, however, because that dries out my hair and strips it of my natural hair oils.

So far I have not tried any new make up colors, simply because I have been wearing less make up this summer. It’s good to embrace your natural skin in this heat. I have tried a new apricot scrub called St. Ives that I really like. It smells good and works well on my skin. I have also tried sulfur face masks. Those work really well on my skin as well.

My summer goals have gone pretty well so far, but of course I need to keep consistent and try new things. Ok, I hope you all are enjoying summer as well!

See you in August,



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