Summer of Action: Dania

Lights, camera…ACTION!

Summer is in full effect and the Crown of Glory e-board decided to make this summer a Summer of Action! Each Queen on the e-board set hair, health, and inner (spiritual/mental) and outer (physical) goals. We have committed not just to aspiring to goals and dreams, but ACTING on them. Every few weeks one of the Queens will post a blog update on how their goals are coming alone. Join us as we begin our summer of action!


Hair Goal: Stop obsessing over the length of my hair and focus on keeping it healthy. Trim the ends when I need to, get over my dye obsession (!), keep it moisturized, and be more consistent with deep conditioning/ protein treatments.

First things first, the 2-year anniversary of my big chop was this week, so I’m ecstatic about that. I love the progress that I see so far.


2 years of progress!

I’m a little bit obsessed with length, so trimming my hair a few weeks ago was an emotional ordeal for me. It was so worth it though because my hair is already starting to feel healthier. I bought some new products that have been keeping my hair feeling moisturized and luscious. (I truly couldn’t think of a better word than luscious, guys.) The Cantu Shea Butter product line is awesome, for any natural ladies who want to try it. I also deep condition every other time I wash it, which has been helpful. The only difficult thing for me has been keeping my paws off the Dark & Lovely color treatments at the beauty store. My name is Dania and I have an unhealthy addiction to hair dye. The first step is acceptance, right? I’m proud to say that I have successfully refrained from adding more highlights to my afro all summer. We’ll see if I can keep it up.

Beauty Goal: Take better care of my skin and my nails.

Taking care of my nails was an easy goal to accomplish. I usually always have color on my nails, to the point where I couldn’t even remember what my natural nails actually look like. Once I went without nail polish for about a month, I could tell that my nails were growing to be a lot stronger. From now on, I think I’ll just paint my nails every once in awhile.

Taking care of my skin hasn’t been as easy. I stopped using face wash back in May when my mom introduced me to tea tree oil facials (made by mixing tea tree oil and baking soda). There’s something about using an oil facial that made my skin produce less oil. My skin was looking amazing, until I started working at a summer camp in June. I spend a lot of time in the sun now, and the facials have stopped working their magic. I definitely don’t want to go back to store-bought face wash or soap, but I don’t know what else to do. I’m just going to have to experiment a little bit more I guess. I’ve heard of a spa in Beverly Hills that does snake venom facials…

Health Goal: Create a fun & effective workout plan and do it at least 3 times a week (Zumba?) Eat more fruits and vegetables.

*Ahem* Let’s discuss my so-called workout plan for the summer, y’all. I see no reason why I should lie to you guys so let’s be real: my Zumba DVD was played twice the entire summer…. and one of those times I was simply watching it for entertainment purposes. There were a few days when I would turn my Afro-Caribbean Spotify playlist on full blast, challenge my mom to a dance battle, & call it cardio. Other than that, I spent most of my time in bed developing an intimate relationship with Netflix. Once I found employment, though, I would come home from work in the evenings, collapse on my bed, & sleep until the morning. I blamed my job as a summer camp counselor for being way too exhausting, until I realized that playing kickball, tag, and simply running around with my kids all day is actually great cardio exercise. Taking the stairs up and down several times a day to get to my classroom gives me my leg workout each day. It turns out that I’ve been working out all summer without even noticing that I was exercising. Health goal accomplished. Boom. *Drops mic*


Some of the aforementioned kids who keep me on my feet.

It doesn’t end there. Of course I had to be unnecessarily overzealous with my goals, so I also decided to maintain a low-carb diet for the entire summer. I don’t even know why. I‘m sure that I originally had a decent reason to give up bread, pasta, and all the other carb-infused things that make the world a beautiful place, but I can’t remember it now. Basically, my diet plan for the first three weeks of the summer consisted of meat, vegetables, and occasionally, a small portion of rice. Breakfast was an omelet with herbs & kale, lunch was lettuce wraps instead of regular sandwiches, etc. On the weekends, I would allow myself a cheat day and indulge in a cupcake or a slice of pizza. I started dropping a couple of pounds here and there but to be honest, I was miserable. I had catapulted myself from one end of the spectrum to the other without trying to find some sort of middle ground.

I realize now that a healthier diet just requires small changes here and there. For example, when I pack my lunch for work now, I fill my lunchbox (yes, I have a lunchbox) with carrot sticks, yogurt, fruit, and granola bars rather than chocolate chip cookies and Cheetos. Instead of a CapriSun or soda, I just bring a water bottle. My diet is balanced without being extreme, I feel good about myself, and the best part is, I get to eat bread. *Dances around while waving dinner rolls in the air*

If you read this whole thing, you’re awesome and I love you. I hope you all are having a great time working toward your goals this summer! 🙂


Doing touristy things on my day off.


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