Summer of Action: Sarah

This year, my friend Faith, founded the Crown of Glory Hair and Beauty Organization to empower, educate, and uplift men and women of all different ethnic backgrounds through a lens of hair. Over the summer, we have been posting on the page, and I have had the pleasure to be able to read every story as it comes, since I have been maintaining the Facebook page as a tool to increase awareness of our e-board activity. What started as some small attempts to better myself  turned in to a force that impacted me each day I woke up this summer, and truly made it the greatest summer I have ever had so far.

My goals this summer were:
HEALTH: Go to the Gym, Run to the Mall, or Run from the Vern three times a week. Start Eating in Moderation. Take the stairs. Use natural sweeteners. Don’t over indulge (one dessert or appetizer :)) Eat breakfast. No more soda! Take multivitamins every day.

311626_10151420906531507_247849937_n (1)
Result: Somewhat successful. I did not run three times a week, but when I did run, I went for distances I didn’t know I could still do. When I ran cross country, I got up to the ability to do five miles before I hurt my knee and had to stop, so running from the Vern to the Foggy Bottom campus (downhill) was a nice 4+ miles that I really enjoyed and will do again. It also gave me a fun fact to share coming back to school besides that I met Kerry Washington (more on that later 😉 ). I also ran from the Foggy Bottom metro to the WWII memorial and back, which was hard on the way back uphill, but worth it. I don’t know if I lost weight, because I choose not to track it, but I do feel healthier after this summer.


I did take the stairs down everywhere, and anyone who saw me this summer knows that it’s more annoying than hard to do that, but anything helps. I definitely didn’t overindulged as much, mainly because my budget couldn’t afford it, but I could have worked harder on eating in more than eating out since I had access to a kitchen. I did take my multivitamins when I was tired, but skipped breakfast after the first month just because I preferred sleep and drinking tea at work instead. On that note, I did slow down with the soda, and committed to drinking tea or other sugar free drinks.  So overall, health goals were a success and I feel great!

BEAUTY: Stop biting my nails. Read a scripture a day. Wash off my make up before bed every night.

Result:  Beauty-wise, I definitely did not accomplish what I intended. I did not accomplish parts of my goal, but I did succeed in washing off my make up before bed every night. I took a different step than what I had first written, by simply just giving my skin a break over the summer and not wearing makeup at all.


I even ventured to try an all-natural diy avocado and olive oil mask, and sought to care for my wellness more, by taking a biweekly salon trip for a message and pedicure. I now understand the importance of leaving time to you, because even though I get more productive the busier I get, I can’t overwhelm myself to the point of being ineffective.

HAIR: Try a new style all summer! Big and Thick twists! Take care of my hair within the extensions. Don’t focus on length, focus on health. Maybe even style my own hair? Essentially, be open to trying styles I never would consider before!

Result: I started my summer with a brand new style for me, inspired by GW sophomore, Jaclyn! The style I chose were big, shiny Marley twists that Kerry Washington herself said were beautiful when I ran into her after commencement (true story). Regarding my goal, I went a step further and actually styled my own hair, braiding in the extensions myself, not just once, but twice, saving myself over $400 and countless hours, allowing me to enjoy my hair and my time more, and also experience financial increase.

This made me more frugal in the other ways I spent my money as well, so instead of dropping incredible amounts of money on clothes this summer, I really committed to thrift store shopping, and increased my wardrobe too, without the usual strain on my pocket.   And because I left my hair alone all summer, the growth I saw when I finally removed the twists inspired me to trim the straight ends right off and now I am a natural hair girl. But I love the big twists so much, I may keep them all this fall…


Overall: For me, summer of action was great, and a reminder that making goals is necessary. However, so is checking in with them periodically to see if you are achieving the goals, which can help you stay on track. I achieved  much more than I thought I could this summer, and I know that next time, even this school year, I will remember to create goals, because whether I achieve the particular goals or not, I am consciously aware that I am working towards something this summer.

One of my greatest accomplishments of the summer was the record in pictures of all the fun activities that I participated in this summer. Whether I took the pictures or was just in them, I enjoyed the opportunity to look back on the wonderful fun  we experienced and now can share with others who are near or far, the good times, for now and forever. So thank you Crown of Glory for pushing me to try something new this summer and creating the opportunity for a summer of growth I never imagined!


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