Faith Fugar

My Crown of Glory is wonderful because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.


Hair Journey
I probably won the award for the world’s youngest person with a perm! I was only three years old when my mother put a relaxer in my hair. She claims that I had a head full of thick hair and a mouth that wouldn’t stop crying. Put the two together and you have a very chaotic and frustrating situation. So for ease and peace of mind, my mother straightened my hair with a relaxer. For about 17 years of my life, my mother was the one who did my hair the majority of the time. My mother would spend hours on my hair trying to make sure that my hair looked just right because as she always used to tell me “ Faith, your hair is your crown of glory”.In May of 2012 I got my last perm for prom. I decided to go through the transition process instead of big chopping (cutting all my relaxed hair off) because I had never had short hair before.
The transitioning process wasn’t always easy but I enjoyed every minute of it! I enjoyed seeing my new growth come in and how beautiful it was! I transitioned for 10 months and I recently did my big chop in March! (Although it was really a series of little chops.) This is the shortest my hair has been since birth and I’m loving it! This journey has been about more than just hair but it has also been a journey of self-discovery and learning how to truly love myself. I’m now beginning to recognize how big of a role hair plays in our lives. If I’m having a bad hair day, my whole demeanor and self-confidence is affected. This is why I decided to go forward with the vision that God gave me to create the Crown of Glory Hair and Beauty Organization. As women, we need a resource that allows us to learn how to take better care of our hair and bodies.


Beauty Journey
As a young girl, I wanted to be apart of the popular crowd at school so I would try to dress like them, paint my nails like them ,and wear make up even though I was prohibited by my mother. When I got to high school I became more comfortable with who I was though I still occasionally struggled with my appearance. As I have grown and matured into the young woman I am today, I no longer find my identity   and idea of beauty from the faces that I see on t.v and on magazines. I now find my identity and beauty in God. I am fearfully and wonderfully made and I don’t have to conform my image to please anyone but my maker.


Health Journey
Growing up, my mother always made sure that I had three square home-cooked meals. We rarely ate out and our traditional Ghanaian dishes were rich in vegetables and carbs. Living such a fast pace life in college doesn’t allow a lot of time for cooking and it is easier to just grab food that is often processed and unhealthy. Laziness and excuses have hindered me from going to the gym as often as I should but I am determined to change this area of my life with the advice I learn through Crown of Glory. We must take care of both our internal and external  selves. It’s not about achieving a specific weight, it’s about adopting healthy living practices that result in a better quality of life in the long run.


Images by Zinhle Essamuah 2013 ©


2 responses to “Faith Fugar

  1. This is awesome Faith! You are a beautiful woman of God and I can’t wait to see you reach tremendous heights and empower many young women with this organization!


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