Kristen Kurpiel

My Crown of Glory is beautiful because it is sleek, elegant, and soft!


Hair Journey

My natural hair is very thin, smooth, straight, and blonde. For most of my childhood my mother cut it short, because I was something of a tomboy. As I entered my middle school years, I wore it only up in a ponytail because I was self-conscious. Then, as an eighth grader, I cut it into short layers and died it light brown. Enjoying the positive reaction from most of my friends, I experimented more with shades of brown. During the following years in high school, my hair alternated between brown colors. Senior year, I finally decided to grow it out and allow it to return to its natural length and color Sadly enough, my hair has never entirely returned to blonde, and now it has settled on an in-between blonde and brown color. I keep it long and wear it out most days, usually blow drying and straightening after I wash it. I can now appreciate its length and texture, while I used to try to mold into into different shapes and colors. Having my hair long and straight makes me feel more feminine and beautiful. I sometimes experiment with curling irons, but usually I wear it straight.

Beauty Journey
After spending a long time being self-conscious about my body, weight, hair, and skin color, I can now say that I feel beautiful. I can now see how God has created me as his beautiful daughter, crowned with glory. I always try to execute inner beauty and grace, in order to honor who I am. I understand that others will see my beauty more clearly if I present myself well, dressing well and taking time to do my hair and look nice. I don’t always succeed, but I know that embracing my natural beauty is what helps me execute confidence and peace.

Health Journey
For most of my life I have been underweight, because I was born 3 months early and always stayed petite. As a result, I am often alternately complimented and made fun of on the basis of my weight. I eat healthy, but I have always felt that my small body is not curvy enough. Being underweight has been a source of self-consciousness for me, even though I realize many women would prefer to be my weight. When I entered college, I changed my eating habits and lost about 15 pounds, accidentally. This is my health struggle; I am currently trying to gain back those 15 pounds. My health is stable in other areas.


My hair is naturally long, straight, and a color in between brown and blonde. I enjoy wearing it down most of the time. My hair and beauty dream is to execute grace and beauty by looking put together and confident all the time.
Kristen is majoring in Human Services.

Images by Zinhle Essamuah 2013 ©


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