1 Year Anniversary of Faith’s Natural Hair Journey!

A year ago, I decided to stop putting relaxers in my hair because I wanted a change. I had been getting relaxers since the age of three and I wanted to grow out my natural curly texture. I spent the summer before my freshmen year of college, combing through the web for pictures, blogs, videos, and articles about natural hair-care and hairstyles before I fully committed to going natural. I decided to not go through with the big chop right away but to transition (grow my hair out) because I had never really had short hair before and to be honest I was scared! When I got to college I met other natural ladies and other ladies who were transitioning. This definitely gave me the courage and confidence to continue with my natural hair journey because I knew I wasn’t alone.

1 year anniversary Natural hair

I transitioned for 10 months, mostly wearing my hair in protective hair styles such as bantu knots, roller sets, and Senegalese twists. After I took out my Senegalese twists I had so much new growth and I fell in love with my natural hair texture. I did the big chop after that (although it was more of a mini chop). Now it has been one year since I got a relaxer and I am loving my natural curls! One thing that I really enjoy about my natural hair is that I take care of it myself. Before I came to college my mother did my hair. Don’t get me wrong, taking care of my hair can be really demanding and time consuming but I feel so proud when I get complements on my hair. I also often get asked questions about my hair from friends, family, and even teachers which I don’t mind because I love talking about hair!

Overall I had a pretty smooth transitioning journey to natural hair thanks to the many resources available! For me, this journey has not just been about hair, it has also been about self discovery, perseverance, and personal growth! I am a lot like my curls – circumstances may cause me to get bent out of shape, but I always bounce back!


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