A Queen Diary from Chinonso C. Onukwugha


A Bucket List.



Courage (and a lot of it!).


That was all I needed to make this change.

What are you feeling at this moment? I am feeling great! I can’t express how much I love my baldness. I am also getting lots of good and constructive feedback which is interesting. To be honest, I did not expect me cutting my hair to get as much attention as it does now. I knew people would be surprised, but there have been others even strangers that are inspired by my act. It’s funny to me but pretty cool.

How did it all begin? I have been thinking of cutting my hair for some time, but I at times find myself waiting for the “right time” to do things. What does that even mean right? I guess in my mind the right time meant when I was fully ready and able to accept consequences. Well the problem with that is that I always managed to find an excuse not to cut it. .. I was never fully ready and probably never would have been. One Wednesday night (July 17, 2013 to be exact) I was watching a movie and catching up with some friends at home. During advertisements, I went upstairs and chopped off all my hair in front of the bathroom mirror with a scissors. I’m not sure what triggered the courage in me, but it was there and in full force. I immediately cut off the front part, so I would not change my mind. When I came downstairs, my friends and family were completed shocked that I was bald… Literally.

Why did you cut of your hair? I cut my hair for two reasons. One of them is because it was on my bucket list of things to do in college. As silly as it may seem, I encourage everyone to have a bucket list of some sort (whether physical or mental). It makes you feel motivated and alive. Yes, I said alive! The other is because I wanted to know how it felt like not to have hair. I have always been obsessed with hair and changing up my look so I thought why not try something different.

What is your style? In one word, I would describe my style as E.H.C.T.E. (pronounced ek – tay).

EXPERIMENTAL with hair. I am always changing up my hair, so I do not have a set signature look. I have had some of the best styles that fit me and many fails.

HOBO-CHIC with fashion. The name speaks for itself. This style has such a broad range that I can play around with which is what I love so much.

TRIAL-and-ERROR with my lifestyle. I try things and keep trying to see what works for me and what does not.

What advice would you give to readers? My advice for those reading this is to try something extremely bold this year. Something you would never in a million years imagine yourself doing. There is a different kind of confidence you gain from doing that. It’s a bit strange but very exciting as well!

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